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Testimonial From a Happy Patient

“For many years, I had been a client of a local dental until my cousin provided recommended Shine Dental Care in Mansfield and in particular David Heath.

Although I was quite nervous prior to my first appointment, my fears were quickly allayed and I was very impressed by the appearance and welcoming atmosphere within the practice. Talking with David, it was also apparent that investment in staff training and equipment to provide cutting edge treatments is a priority in the practice.

The appearance of my teeth had been a source of embarrassment throughout my life and I joined the practice with the expectation of high quality long term dental care rather than the hope of being presented with any opportunities for improvement but I was quickly assured that Invisalign braces and the addition of two dental implants would radically alter my appearance.

The two processes were explained in detail and I decided to proceed.

In the initial stages of producing the Invisalign braces, a virtual model was produced on the computer showing how my teeth could be realigned. This was almost unbelievable but I was reassured by David’s professional expertise, supported by photographs of achievements in similar case histories. The braces were virtually invisible to detect in use and caused only very minor discomfort.

The implant process was a subject of concern, owing to the minor surgery involved but in practice it was pain free and for anyone considering implants, the practice often hosts presentations explaining the techniques and practicalities of the process.

Each stage of both processes was actively monitored and supported by David and although it has been a long road (almost two years) and required considerable commitment to wear the braces over such a long period, the end result is amazing and I can now smile with absolute confidence.

I also have complete confidence that the team at Shine will continue to provide a high standard of professional long term care for my teeth and oral health.

Whenever I talk about dentistry with friends and family, particularly those who are nervous or have had bad experiences, I have tremendous confidence in recommending Shine as a centre of excellence.”

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