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Pain Free Dentistry

With over 40% of the population suffering from some kind of dental fear, we understand how important it is to make every patient visit as comfortable as possible. Providing pain-free dentistry is at the heart of this and requires investment in people, care and technology. At Shine Dental Care in Mansfield, we explore every opportunity to make your visits pleasant and reassuring.

You can be certain you’re in safe hands whenever you visit us. We want you to feel as relaxed as possible, which is why our dedicated team are so friendly and approachable. All of our dentists are here to listen to your dental concerns, hopes or fears – we’re highly experienced in treating nervous patients and helping them to overcome their anxieties. We’ll always be very clear about what’s going to happen during any procedure. Our treatments are pain free including tooth-coloured fillings, root canal treatments, new and replacement crowns and dental implants.

If you have any worries at all, please do get in touch as talking to us can make all the difference.

How Shine Dental Care makes the difference

  • Pain-free dentistry is our priority
  • All of our treatments are pain free including root canal procedures and dental implants
  • Friendly, approachable team to put you at ease
  • Our dentists talk through all procedures step by step
  • Relaxed and calm environment
  • Nervous patients are very welcome

Frequently asked questions

About pain-free dentistry at Shine Dental Care, Mansfield

  1. How can you make dentistry pain free?

    We believe that with the right dental skills and experience, there is no need for any patient to feel pain during their visit. Wherever necessary, treatments are carried out under local anaesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout. Our dentists will continually check that you are feeling fine during all procedures.

  2. What if I feel really nervous?

    We’re very experienced in treating nervous patients and do all we can to help people overcome their fears. You can read more about this here.

  1. How can I avoid dental pain in the future?

    Although we can keep your visits pain free, we can’t ensure that you won’t experience any dental pain away from our practice. However, we are fully committed to preventative dentistry that helps to avoid dental problems occurring in the future. Attending for check-ups regularly is one of the best ways to avoid potentially painful problems such as infection and tooth decay.

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