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When should you brush your teeth?

If you’ve ever been bent over the bathroom sink in the morning, and wondered if you were doing it right, then you are not alone. In fact, a huge amount of people are unsure whether they should be brushing their teeth before or after breakfast (or other meals). And while for some this concern doesn’t ever move them to check, we’re writing this for those who do bother.

Shine Dental Care believes in proper maintenance and care for your teeth, and this doesn’t just mean regular dentist appointments, but also properly caring for your teeth at home. So how can you do that?

Taking your time

Yes, we all know how difficult it can be to make time for a proper care routine, especially in the morning, when most people tend to be rushed, and snarky. And yet, if we want to ensure the utmost health and welfare of our teeth, it’s important that we do not neglect a good dental care routine in the morning.

Drinking Water

A very important, and often overlooked, step that should be part of our morning routine is the intake of water. You’ve probably heard it said that you should be drinking a full glass of water every morning, to hydrate your body, and you may well be skipping that, in favor of tea, coffee, or orange juice. While those are all good and well, they should not be replacing water in your morning diet. Water acts as a potent diuretic, which in turn contributes to your overall health. Not only that, it serves to rinse the teeth and mouth, and improves hydration levels which, in turn, work to keep a glowing dental health level.

Brush your teeth.

Ah, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Should you brush your teeth in the morning? And when?

Some people figure that, since they haven’t eaten anything overnight, they don’t actually need to brush their teeth in the morning, except that’s not quite right. While there seems to be a lot of to and fro on this topic, we generally recommend brushing your teeth before breakfast. This helps to remove the accumulation of bacteria inside your mouth overnight. Leaving that bacteria there to just sit can increase the risk of developing gum disease, infection, or other unpleasant afflictions, so it’s always best to brush your teeth in the morning, after you wake up, and before you have breakfast, so as not to add to the bacterial accumulation.

Should you also brush after?

Some people are big proponents of brushing your teeth after you eat, so as to remove food debris, and also neutralize smell. That’s a good idea for other meals, like lunch, or dinner, but for breakfast, it can be too much, too soon.

If you’re planning on brushing before and after breakfast, make sure you allow for at least 60 minutes to pass between the two brushing sessions, to allow the pH of your mouth to rebalance itself.

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