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What to Expect When You Visit Your Hygienist

Most of us know how to care for our teeth with twice-daily brushing and flossing. However, gum health is equally necessary, and if gums do not receive adequate care, it could lead to several serious oral issues.

The Importance of Gum Health

Neglecting gum health can cause problems such as gum disease and tooth loss. Regular hygienist check-ups are a great way to keep on top of your overall oral health, including gum health. It will help spot the early signs of gum issues and avoid things progressing to the stage of gum disease.

Gum Disease

The two main stages of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that is often treatable by a hygienist, such as Shine Dental Care. Periodontitis is the advanced stage and can be severe. This may cause the decaying and loss of teeth. Inflamed gums, bleeding gums and bad breath are all potential signs of gum disease and should not be ignored.

What Happens When You See the Hygienist?

Assessment – The hygienist will examine your gums and teeth to see if there are any problems.

Discuss your gum health – They will then discuss any findings with you and advise on the best ways to keep your overall oral health to a good standard. They may ask questions about your lifestyle, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or fizzy drinks.

Treatment plan – This will be the following action they plan to take. If issues require attention, such as gum disease, they will talk you through the best treatment.

Possible treatments

First stage – hand scraper

This involves the use of a small scraper to remove tartar from your gumline and teeth. It may cause mild discomfort but is not painful.

Second stage – sonic cleaning

This involves the removal of the remaining tartar using ultrasound. Vibrations break the remaining tartar, making it fall away from the teeth. This stage causes little to no discomfort.

Third stage – professional cleaning

This involves the use of a high-speed spinning brush head to combat the last bits of tartar. This will leave the patient’s mouth and gums smooth and fresh. This part of the cleaning process will also remove staining on the teeth. The force of the fast polishing process can leave the teeth brighter and healthier in appearance.

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