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The dental implant process

There is no better alternative to your natural teeth. At Shine Dental we will always do all we can to preserve your own teeth, before resorting to replacement measures. Advances in dental technology and surgery have given us great alternatives to your natural teeth, when they become broken or missing. One of these alternatives is dental implants. Due to the process of fixing a titanium screw to your jawbone, dental implants are incredibly strong and long-wearing. Also, there is no awkward removal process as with dentures.

At Shine Dental, our dental implant clinician Dr David Heath has a special interest in implants. With over 20 years’ experience, your mouth is in safe hands during every step of the implant journey.

Beginning your implant journey

The first step on the dental implant journey is the planning stage. This is your initial consultation with us at Shine Dental, to help ensure the very best results for your treatment. During this appointment, your gums and teeth will be fully assessed and examined. You will have all your options explained to you in full and we encourage our patients to ask any questions they may have.

Our principal dental surgeon will conduct a CBCT bone scan and radiographs, to assess if your jawbone is strong enough to support the dental implant. We will show you wax-ups, study models and a surgical guide to show you what we hope the final result of your treatment to be. A mould of your mouth will also be constructed to ensure that the dental implant fit your mouth perfectly. Photographs will also be taken for planning and recording of your treatment plan.

Once we have determined that your mouth is suitable for the treatment procedure, we will prepare your mouth to receive the dental implant. This may involve removing failing teeth which could interfere with the implants. If this is the case, the tooth would be extracted and allowed to heal for a period of 8 to 12 weeks. Also, it’s possible that a ‘socket preservation procedure’ could be beneficial to both you and your treatment plan. This involves placing a substitute material for your jawbone into the socket, to create as much ‘bone’ as possible in which to insert the dental implant. It is possible that we’ll use a temporary denture or adhesive bridge when we remove teeth to help maintain your smile.

Placing your dental implant

The third stage in your journey is the placement of your titanium screw and the fusing to the jawbone. During the insertion surgery, our dental surgeon will directly insert the titanium screw onto your jawbone, after firstly making an incision in your gums. This titanium screw acts as the base for the dental implant, with the porcelain tooth replacement attached at a later point.

The surgery itself is relatively small, takes around 2 hours and is completely under local anaesthetic. For those patients who are extremely nervous, we encourage you to speak up during your appointments with us prior to the surgery. We are passionate about pain-free dentistry and want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

After the insertion surgery, we need to allow your jawbone to fuse with the titanium screw. This process usually takes 8-16 weeks and from that point, we can place the final crown, bridge or denture! These permanent replacements have been shaped and colour matched to your natural teeth. The finished look is incredibly natural, no one will know you’ve had the procedure.

Maintaining your dental implant

The final step is your long-term care and maintenance. Although dental implants are an incredible replacement for broken or damaged teeth, they still require maintenance. Just as with your own teeth; brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Once your treatment is complete, it is essential that you attend all following check-ups and hygienist appointments.

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