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It’s October. That means that it is time for the NHS to run their annual Stoptober campaign.

Stoptober is a national 28 day smoke free challenge during which smokers are encouraged to quit during the month of October.

The reasoning behind the 28 smoke free days is the statistic that if you can quit smoking for 28 days, you are 5 times more likely to give up for good.

There are many health benefits of quitting smoking, so if you need an incentive to stop, please read on…

  • Your chances of having cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, cataracts, and other diseases will go down
  • You will be less likely to get ill
  • You will breathe easier and cough less
  • Your blood pressure will go down
  • From a dental viewpoint, your risk of losing teeth due to gum disease will be reduced, your risk of oral cancer will go down and you will have fresher breath and less staining

There is no better time to try and kick the habit, with plenty of free support and tips available through the Stoptober campaign.

As well as this, don’t forget that the friendly staff at Shine Dental Care in Mansfield are always on hand to support you in giving up smoking- not just in October, but all year round.

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