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A stable solution for missing teeth

Dental implants are incredibly popular and due to our extensive experience with administering them, we can completely understand why. Their longevity, hard-wearing nature and they fact that they’re irremovable, mean that for many people who suffer with broken or missing teeth, they’re a very attractive choice.

Dental implants with Shine Dental Care, Mansfield, offer you so many benefits that you’ll be annoyed you didn’t visit us sooner. Strong, reliable, and lifestyle enhancing, you could restore functionality and practicality to your missing teeth. If you’re undecided about your dental implant treatment, here are four benefits to having dental implants placed with us.

Dental implants are incredibly long-lasting

Just like regular teeth, dental implants need to be taken care of. Brushing them twice a day, regular flossing and if possible, avoiding foods which are likely to stain your teeth are essential to maintaining the results obtained from your dental implants treatment.

The titanium base of the dental implant is an incredibly sturdy root, which after fusing with your jawbone, assures that your dental implant will not budge or move. The porcelain ‘cap’ is the part of your dental implant which resembles your natural tooth. The cap is both aesthetically pleasing but also strong enough to withstand forceful chewing and biting.

Providing peace of mind

A huge attraction to dental implants for many people is the non-removable nature of them. Unlike traditional dentures which are removable and require specialist cleaning, dental implants are permanent and only require cleaning as you would with your natural teeth – regular brushing and flossing.  Also, the embarrassing inconvenience of dentures is removed as no messy glue or adhesives are required. These worries can be a thing of the past, less than an afterthought, when you have dental implants placed by our experienced dentists.

Restoring confidence and missing teeth

We can help restore your smile to its former glory with a colour-matched, tailor-made dental implant that will blend seamlessly into your natural teeth, so you will never have to feel embarrassment regarding missing teeth again. You don’t have to avoid your favourite foods either, as your dental implants will restore your full chewing function once again with ease. And due to the natural-looking appearance of our dental implants, no one new to your life will know you’ve had the treatment unless you choose to tell them!

Improving your dental health

Dental implants can do more for you than just cosmetic! By inserting a dental implant where your missing teeth previously were, you remove visible and exposed surface area of your gums. This previously open area was very vulnerable to gum disease and infection. Also, there is less of an area for food or bacteria to cling onto. In most cases, your neighbouring teeth don’t need to be altered at all for your dental implants, so you can restore function and protect your exposed gum without interfering with the rest of your mouth.

If you’re self-conscious about your missing teeth, consider dental implants at Shine Dental Care, Mansfield. We can arrange an appointment for you to discuss any queries or worries regarding the procedure and outline your potential treatment plan. To arrange an appointment, call us on 01623 629391.


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