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National Smile Month

The National Smile Month campaign takes place between 16th May and 16th June this year and is the UK’s largest and longest-running campaign to promote good oral health. Together, with thousands of individuals and organisations, National Smile Month highlights three key messages, all of which go a long way in helping us develop and maintain a healthy mouth.

They are:

  1. Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least one other occasion with a fluoride toothpaste.
  2. Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.
  3. Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.

These are three key message that the staff at Shine Dental Care also try to deliver to our patients as we believe education goes a long way in the prevention of oral disease.

Follow Shine Dental Care on Facebook throughout National Smile Month for more hints and tips on how to keep your smile at its best.

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