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My Invisalign Review

“A little over 12 months ago, apprehensive, I contacted Shine Dental Care, who I had found after trawling the internet for a private dentist who could create the cosmetic appearance I had longed for. I’d previously looked as far away as Scotland and London but felt that there must be someone closer who I could liaise with in person rather than just on the phone if problems arose. Reading just some of the reviews I decided that I had nothing to lose.

Approaching the practice door there was just a ‘wow’ factor and after stepping inside it didn’t feel like any dental surgery I had known before. The cleanliness and décor were enough to calm anyone’s nerves. The room lit up with a plethora of sparkling eyes and smiles and a unison of ‘how can we help?’ from the receptionists, taking my name and details and offering a hot or cold drink.

My very first appointment was with Coire. Wow! Brilliant! A dentist that listens to what I want to achieve, whose consideration, patience and attentiveness, put me at ease and explaining to me the different options with full and intricate details of what and how it could be achieved and how it would happen. I was given the information and was able to take my time and decide later if I wished to go ahead, with no pressure at all.

I decided on the recommended Invisalign aligners to achieve the look I wanted, to bring my crooked and blackening tooth back into alignment and the smile I lost. It all went very quickly after this second appointment. Another thorough check over, ‘space age’ scans, x-rays, impressions of my teeth, a scale & polish and within 4 weeks, my first 6 weeks’ worth of aligners had arrived and were fitted (from a 56 week course of treatment). These were nothing like the old metal and plastic braces I’d had growing up, but a clear, discreet mould around the teeth.

Once Coire had fitted the Invisalign aligners, explaining in detail how to use and care for them he made sure that I was happy, with no problems and that I could fit them and take them out again with no trouble. He certainly put me at ease as I was having a little difficulty but again, with his time, patience and caring encouragement, I was sorted.

The ageing (blackening) root canal treatment I’d had years previously had not worked properly. I was directed to Paul whose skill, consideration and caring attitude helped the process become a pain free treatment. Attention to my needs as a patient was paramount.

Moving on to nearing the end of my treatment and I would like to thank all the team at Shine, the receptionists with their welcoming smiles and attentiveness, the dentists and hygienists , whom I’ve received treatment from and whose consideration during treatment is exemplary; they’ve all made each appointment a pleasant experience. I can’t recommend Shine enough to all those who want professional, skilled, caring, patient, dental surgery.

THANK YOU, for my smile!!”

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