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Implant Open Evening- 15th September 2015

Embarrassed to smile? Unsightly gaps in your teeth? Loose dentures? Struggling to chew? Ongoing problems with gum disease?

Whether your teeth are loose, missing or you have problematic dentures or crowns, did you know that here at Shine Dental Care in Mansfield we can help with all of these problems with the placement of dental implants?

If you are looking for a solution to any of the problems above, why not come along to our next dental implant opening evening on 15th September at 6pm? Here you will have the chance to discuss the benefits of dental implants face to face with Dr David Heath, our Principal Dentist.

The implant open evenings held at Shine Dental Care are an informal and relaxed way to learn more about dental implants. Dr Heath will talk you through exactly what dental implants are, who they can benefit and their variety of uses. You will have the chance to ask questions and to raise any concerns you may have, whilst you relax with a cup of fresh coffee.

You will also have the opportunity to take a tour of our modern and welcoming practice, giving you a chance to become familiar with the surroundings and the way our team works. If you so wish, we can book you a consultation appointment while you are here!

If you are not a registered patient with us, don’t worry, we welcome everybody to our implant open evenings and if you decide you would like to register as a patient with Shine, we can arrange that for you on the night too.

The date of the next opening evening is 15th September at 6pm, at Shine Dental Care. Sandlands Court, Fulmar Close, Mansfield. NG190GG.

If you would like any further information and would like to speak to a member of our team please give us a call on 01623 629391.

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