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Gum Disease and Heart Disease

You probably know that at Shine Dental Care we take your oral health very seriously. What you may not realise is that your general health is just as important to us.

Did you know that there are many health conditions that first present in the mouth, such as blood disorders, immune disorders and gastro-intestinal disorders?

What may also come as a surprise to you is that having poorly controlled gum disease has been linked to an increase in health problems such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

It is for this reason that some of our dental nurses have been raising money for the British Heart Foundation by giving up chocolate for the month of March.

“The link between oral health and overall body health is well documented and backed by robust scientific evidence. Despite this, only one in six people realises that people with gum disease may have an increased risk of stroke or diabetes. And only one in three is aware of the heart disease link.” Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter

Although this all may seem a little scary, please don’t worry. If you look after your oral health you can help to reduce your risk of these health conditions too.

By having good oral hygiene and keeping your teeth and gums healthy you can help to improve your overall health.

Make sure you brush for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and be sure to clean in between your teeth every day to keep your gums as healthy as possible.

A regular visit to your dentist and hygienist can help to nip potential problems in the bud so if you are overdue your check- up now is the time to book in!

As always, if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, do not hesitate to contact our team on 01623 629391.

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