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David's 2017 Implant Journey

David's 2017 Implant Journey

I am back from my travels on the quest for knowledge about dental implantology.

This time I stayed in the UK, having travelled to London, but gained a wealth of knowledge from all over the world as I attended the Association of Dental Implantology Team Congress 2017. Entitled “Dental Implantology: A Global Perspective – Inspiration From Around The World”.

The Congress is the perfect place for me to develop my knowledge and understanding and remain up-to-date.

The programme delivered an inspirational learning experience with sessions delivered by some of the biggest names and most highly respected clinicians in the worldwide dental implant arena.

I am certainly looking forward to bringing this global knowledge back to my patients.

By attending these lectures delivered by some of the best speakers from different parts of the world, I learnt about new aspects in dental implantology, where implant dentistry has come from, where it is currently, and what the future may hold for everyone with an interest in dental implants, including you, the patient.

There was also an extensive trade exhibition, hosting an array of industry leading dental implant products, each demonstrating the latest innovations in implant dentistry to make the procedures simpler and more available to everyone.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to make sure that the products and equipment we use at Shine are state of the art and to make sure our patients receive the best treatment possible.

Of course I had the chance to sit back and relax as the Congress is also an excellent chance to network with my peers sharing knowledge and ideas. I am looking forward to bringing what I have learned to Shine Dental Care and helping you all to achieve a smile you love.

Until next time, if you would like to know more about dental implants at Shine Dental Care, please contact one of my team on 01623 629391 or book an appoinment with us today.

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