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Dental Implants: Are They Right For Me?

Many people say they are afraid or unsure about moving forward with implant therapy when it comes to dental implants. The primary obstacle to people discussing their dental implant alternatives with us in an open manner is fear. We wrote this blog article to inform readers and patients about the most frequent worries people have about dental implants and the appropriate way to address such worries. People much too frequently base decisions on rumours. We are here to address your concerns in an open and sincere manner.

Concern 1: I’m frightened of getting dental implants.

Most people connect going to the dentist with fear. A heavier burden than the typical dental visit is placed by more complex procedures like dental implant installation. Fear frequently results from the unknown. People claim that they are unable to proceed with the procedure because they have heard “horror stories” about implants.
Implant insertion is something we at Shine Dental Care take very seriously. While we acknowledge that everyone reacts to pain, discomfort, and recovery differently, we can confidently say that implant implantation is pain-free. Every implant placement procedure we do goes through rigorous diagnostic evaluation and digital planning. In order to ensure optimal precision, we install your implant at Shine Dental Care using minimally invasive surgery and equipment. Our implants are inserted fast, painlessly, and precisely as intended thanks to such meticulous planning.
It’s typical to experience some minor discomfort after implant implantation, but this is usually manageable with over-the-counter pain medication. Patients claim that the discomfort experienced after implant installation is comparable to that of a routine dental extraction.

Concern 2: Dental implants are too expensive.

Something we would certainly not consider inexpensive, dental implants. Strong surgical metals used in hip replacement and other implant surgeries are used to make implants. The process of implant implantation calls for expertise, ability, and knowledge. To achieve the best long-term prognosis for your implant, we only offer the best planning, materials, and treatment delivery.
Our quality of life is adversely affected by missing teeth. Missing teeth create humiliation, affect how people see us, and can directly impact our weight and overall health. The most effective method of replacing missing teeth is with implants. Implants naturally cost more because they are preferable than removable dentures or dental bridges and the most accurate substitute for a genuine tooth. If a patient is thinking about getting a dental implant, we encourage them to keep the following points in mind:

1. What would it amount to if you put £1 in a jar for each time you concealed your smile?
2. What does eating and smiling with confidence cost you?
3. What additional expenses will you face replacing your dentures and/or dental bridges over the course of your lifetime?

Concern 3: I’m too old for a dental implant.

We hear from patients far too frequently that they are “too old” for dental implants. Age can vary and is not a reliable indicator of appropriateness for dental implants. No one is ever too old to smile, eat, or live a healthy lifestyle, and tooth loss does not have to be a sign of ageing. Dental implants provide the comfort and confidence you need to enjoy your retirement years by replacing uncomfortable acrylic dentures that frequently become ill-fitting as we age.

Concern 4: I haven’t looked after my teeth, so there is no point starting now.

When we discuss dental implants with patients, we frequently get this answer. Patients often tell us that getting a dental implant is “simply not worth it” or that they “don’t deserve” one. We want to be a little more forward by stating that you do indeed need a dental implant. Tooth loss can be brought on by a variety of conditions, including smoking, diabetes, and poor dental hygiene. Regardless of the cause of tooth loss, everyone has the right to chew and smile with assurance.
In addition to giving, you your ideal smile at Shine Dental Care, we also give you the resources you need to keep it that way after you leave. We will do everything we can to help you preserve your new smile at home, no matter how confident you are about brushing and caring for your teeth. We provide health maintenance packages that make it affordable for our implant patients to come in for routine maintenance.
At Shine Dental Care, we provide free consultations for customers who want to learn more about their implant alternatives. Our helpful team of professionals will carefully evaluate you and give you a personalised plan to meet your demands. It is a great chance to consider your alternatives in a laid-back setting with no strings attached.

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