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Dental Hygienist in Nottingham

Looking for a dental hygienist in Nottingham? Then you’re in the right place. At Shine Dental Care, we can offer you the very best in dental care, and help you get the smile you deserve. Here’s how we can help you.


The Role Of Your Hygienist

Your dental hygienist in Nottingham will offer professional teeth cleaning for you. You’ve probably heard of this before, as a ‘scale and polish’. While this is an important role, their most important job is to educate patients about the best way to clean their teeth.

Their role is so important, in conjunction with the work our dentists and nurses do. They work to tailor your dental care to your needs, in order to help you improve your dental health.


The Importance Of Professional Teeth Cleaning

We have highly trained dental hygienists at Shine Dental Care because we know just how important professional cleaning is to your health. Of course, professional cleaning helps improve the appearance of your teeth and keeps it healthy. It also helps you maintain fresh breath.

Also, that cleaning will benefit your health in other ways. It will help improve the health of your gums, which is linked to the health of your heart. With healthy gums, you can avoid heart problems. It also helps avoid and slow down tooth decay, which causes you more problems if left untreated.

When you have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist in Nottingham you’ll be able to get the benefit of their experience, too. They’ll offer you advice on how to stop plaque and tartar from building up so quickly, making it easier to keep your mouth healthy.


Extra Help For Patients

As well as the above, your dental hygienist in Nottingham will be able to recommend the use of fluoride and ant bacterial gels, that can help kill bacteria that causes gum disease. They may also provide advice on quitting smoking, as this will reduce staining and the risk of gum disease.


Helping Children Develop Good Habits

Our hygienists not only help adults, but also work with children to develop good dental hygiene habits. They’re able to teach child patients how to clean their teeth properly, and brush properly. When their permanent back teeth come in, these can benefit from sealing. This seals up fissures in the teeth and helps prevent decay.


Hygienist vs. Dentist

As a patient, you may be wondering why all these things are done by a different person, rather than the dentist themselves. In some surgeries, you may well find that a dentist does some or all of these tasks. However, here at Shine Dental Care we believe in giving you the very best care. To do this, we hire specially trained hygienists to help you.

Hygienists are the experts when it comes to cleaning your teeth. As they have all this knowledge and expertise, they can pass it on to you.


Questions About Hygienist Treatment

There are a couple of questions that patients usually have about their treatments. Firstly, they wonder if it will hurt. Most of the time, undergoing a scale and polish won’t hurt at all. If you do experience pain though, it’s important you let your dental hygienist in Nottingham know right away. They can offer anaesthetic creams or local anaesthetic to help.

The other question people have is, will the treatment be expensive? You’ll find that our prices are very reasonable, and you can check them out here on the site before you come in. The hygienist will also discuss the cost with you first, to be sure you know the price before treatment is performed.


What Can I Do At Home?

While the dental hygienist in Nottingham will do a lot to improve your health in the surgery, you can do a lot at home. Ensuring you brush twice a day is essential, as well as flossing between teeth. Making changes to your diet, such as reducing your sugar intake, will also help a lot. Talking to a hygienist will help you understand what you need to do.

We have highly trained dental hygienists on our staff at Shine Dental Care, as part of our team. They’re here to help you improve the health of your mouth, and improve your smile. Book your appointment today to see them, and benefit from their expertise.

For more information on our dental hygienist services, please contact Shine Dental Care on 01623 629391.

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