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Sam's Invisalign blog


Working at Shine Dental Care has been a learning curve for me, I’ve had to familiarise myself with new treatments and adapt to a new way of working. Everyone has been really welcoming and supportive, taking the time to answer my questions.

It didn’t take me to long to develop and learn new skills at Shine.

I often work with dentist Coire Conlon and enjoy working on a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. Since I started nursing at Shine I can appreciate how much cosmetic dentistry can make a difference to patients. Working with Coire I get to be a part of the patient’s journey – careful treatment planning enables us to provide a high-quality service which we are passionate about.

Seeing the end result is my favourite part, how a procedure or treatment makes a positive difference to a patient’s life. Coire carries out some intricate dentistry, and we use the best equipment and materials – at Shine Dental Care we look to keep up to date with the latest techniques available.

We are particularly proud to be one of the few practices in Nottinghamshire that provide CEREC ‘same day’ crowns. This is a popular treatment choice with patients as we can manufacture crowns within the practice on the same day – saving numerous appointments.

Another popular cosmetic treatment at Shine are clear braces by Invisalign – helping patients achieve the ‘perfect smile’. I enjoy seeing the huge difference Invisalign can make.

We always take before and after pictures of the patient’s smile to assess how things have progressed. Coire and I have often noticed that patients subconsciously show less of their teeth in their pictures prior to treatment. When patients have reached the end of their treatment they confidently show a wider smile – it is great to see a positive impact on their overall self-esteem.

Having seen the many great results from Invisalign I was encouraged to have the treatment myself. However, I was apprehensive about whether I would require any extractions, previously I was told for fixed braces I would need four teeth extracting. This put me off having fixed braces as I didn’t want any healthy teeth removed, and I wasn’t keen on the idea of having ‘train tracks’ as an adult.

After taking my impressions and sending them off to Invisalign I waited a few weeks for my ClinCheck, which is a detailed 3D treatment. I was excited to view the ClinCheck stage as it showed exactly how my teeth would be expected to move. It was a massive relief to learn that I wouldn’t require any extractions, as in most cases Invisalign like to avoid extracting teeth by using an alternative method to create space in the form of Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR).

IPR involves creating space using secial tools that file down a tiny amount of tooth. This enables the teeth to move into the desired position and avoids any unnecessary extractions of healthy teeth.

The best thing about Invisalign is that no one knows I’m wearing my aligners unless I tell them. I would definitely recommend Invisalign braces to anyone that is unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, as it is the least invasive orthodontic treatment and one that doesn’t inhibit your daily life.

To book an Invisalign consultation, or for more information on the cosmetic treatments we offer, call us on 01623 629 391.

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