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Cosmetic Dentistry at Shine Dental Care

Coire Dentist Mansfield
Shine Dental Care has a team of dedicated dentists who often spend their days off keeping up to date with the latest dental developments and attending dental courses. Here is our dentist, Coire pictured at a course he attended for two days at the end of last week called the “Totally Composite Anterior and Posterior Composite Masterclass”, which was held in London. Thanks to the time and commitment of Coire our patients benefit by ensuring that we use the very latest techniques for restoring their teeth to their natural appearance with the use of minimally invasive techniques.

Coire is very popular with our current patients but he still has space to register new patients. We have posted this picture to facebook and here is some of the feedback . “Fabulous dentist who always makes sure as comfortable as can be at the dentist …all my anxiety about having treatments have disappeared since started seeing Coire at Shine ?”,  “My brilliant dentist. Always friendly /professional/and extremely caring and understanding of individual needs” and one that made us all laugh “Great practice. And Coire is a great dentist, and a thoroughly nice chap. Not often I can say that about a f*rest fan??”

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