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Providing professional general, cosmetic & restorative dentistry to patients from Sheffield

We are implant dentists with decades of experience working with the very latest in implant innovation

Can I have implants? One of the reasons patients travel to Shine from Yorkshire and all over the North is that we have a reputation for complete transparency. If we do not think you are a perfect fit for implants we will say. We assess all patients for suitability before undergoing any treatment.

Does it hurt? Somewhat. A dental implant is a process where artificial materials are fused with bone. There are three parts: a small titanium screw that is inserted into and fuses with the jawbone, an “abutment” or post which attaches to the implant, and a crown (in the case of one implant) that fits over the post to provide a natural looking tooth. It is the initial small screw that can cause patients some discomfort.

Too old/young?  Age or gender are not barriers to implants although some elderly patients may have bone growth issues.

Single implant, bridge or full arch: Shine Dental offer the complete range of implants and have the experience and knowledge to select the right option for you. For patients looking to swap dentures for full arch implants, this is fast becoming a very popular alternative.

See singlemultiple and even a complete set of teeth.

Success rate: Dr David Heath our implant specialist has had a near 95% for single teeth and close to 100% for implant bridges.

Price: Shine Dental regularly compare our treatment prices with other similar dentists in the Sheffield,  Chesterfield and  Worksop area. Our fees are highly competitive.

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At Shine Dental Care in Mansfield, we understand how missing teeth can dent your confidence and hold you back. That’s why we provide dental-implant treatment and have built years of experience in carrying it out safely and successfully. Dental implants are as close as it gets to the real thing.

They look and feel incredibly natural and can be used to replace singlemultiple and even a complete set of teeth.

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