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Is Your Anxiety Stopping You Considering Dental Implants?

It is not unexpected that people are getting more interested in the process as an alternative to both dentures and a bridge because dental implants are widely recognised as an excellent technique to restore missing teeth. There is no escaping the reality that an implant placement needs some fairly difficult dental surgery, and this may discourage some prospective patients from undergoing the procedure, particularly those who are nervous.

We do feel that if a patient decides against this treatment, they are missing out on a tremendous opportunity and sacrificing short-term pain for long-term gains, however we do accept their decision.

The many benefits of dental implants

It is one thing to advise patients to think about dental implants, but there must be a valid basis for doing so. Why undergo dental surgery when dentures may frequently be worn without the “trouble” of it? The closest thing you can now have to a real tooth is a dental implant, which is the most compelling argument in favour of getting one.

Dental implants, as opposed to dentures and bridges, substitute an artificial structure for the tooth’s natural root. This offers an unparalleled level of strength and stability, unmatched by dentures, as it simulates the roots. In contrast to the alternatives, it aids in preventing the jaw’s bone loss that happens when a tooth is lost.

There is a good probability that you won’t need any more work done on that tooth for the rest of your life once the treatment is over, provided you take care of them. Once dental implants have been inserted and integrated with the jawbone, they often endure for more than 20 years, so you can essentially stop thinking about them.

An additional advantage of implants is that they are easier to maintain than bridges or dentures, and you can clean them at the same time as your natural teeth.

But I’m afraid of dentists

We won’t try to mislead you; receiving a dental implant operation necessitates a significant time commitment and is longer than most other procedures. We understand that some of our more anxious patients may find this to be a bit of a barrier.

Even though the surgical component of the treatment, implant insertion, may take longer than other parts of it, it is still a relatively short time, especially when compared to the lifespan of the replacement tooth. We would speed up the process if we could do it safely, but because it demands accuracy and certain talents, it takes longer than most.

It’s vital to keep in mind that a local anaesthetic will be administered prior to the treatment starting if you are worried about experiencing pain. This guarantees that you receive the highest level of comfort. Additionally, you can be confident that our implants dentists will have your best interests at heart.

After this first stage of the process, you are in the home stretch. All that is left to do, aside from providing aftercare, is to join the crown and support to the implant. You’ll get a sturdy replacement tooth that feels and looks completely natural once this is finished.


Typically, it takes three months from the initial placement to the installation of the crown. For patients, this is a little inconvenient because it’s crucial that the implant stays healthy and isn’t harmed by consuming things too hard. During this time, you must brush your teeth with extra care and stick to a diet high in liquids and soft foods. Although we understand that this can be difficult, it truly is only a tiny price to pay for a great, long-lasting tooth replacement.

We understand that some patients may find it difficult to make a choice like this, especially those who already find dental appointments unpleasant. We are pleased to set up a no-obligation implant consultation for you if you feel it would be helpful to discuss this process with an implant dentist at your neighbourhood dental office. This will help you comprehend the process better and provide you the opportunity to ask our experts any questions regarding any worries you may have.

Following this session, if you decide against getting implants, we will respect your choice and won’t put any pressure on you to change your mind. We sincerely think that patients have a right to all information before making a choice.

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