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A new smile for a wedding and beyond


Michael had always wanted a straighter smile but he never quite found the perfect incentive – until he and wife-to-be Jade (one of our very own practice managers) set a date for their wedding.

With a desire to ensure a confident smile on their big day, he began Invisalign treatment in February.

Invisalign is a near invisible and removable teeth-straightening system, which means a newly aligned smile can be achieved discreetly and effectively without impacting on socialising, eating and drinking.

Clear Invisalign aligners are worn over the top and bottom teeth, hugging them snugly and gently moving teeth incrementally according to a tailored treatment plan.

The aligners are worn 22 hours a day over the teeth but are removed to eat and drink and, because they are virtually undetectable, this makes them an attractive treatment option.

Michael and Jade tied the knot in May and, although he is still undergoing treatment, he was less self-conscious about his smile for the wedding snaps.

As he explains: ‘I wanted to feel proud of my smile, especially on such a special occasion.

‘I had quite severe crowing within my lower teeth, so was informed before starting my Invisalign journey that it would be unrealistic to expect treatment to be finished in time for my wedding in May.

‘Despite this, I was still able to notice a difference with my smile by the time my wedding day came around and I am continuing to see changes all of the time. Now that I have seen how much my teeth have moved – and how simple the process has been – I wish I had done it years ago! Invisalign is a big commitment and investment but the results speak for themselves.’

We are lucky enough to have five dentists here at Shine Dental Care who can provide Invisalign treatment, meaning there is plenty of availability.

Orthodontics isn’t simply about straight teeth. As well as making a huge difference to our appearance, straightening teeth can improve our bite and our overall health. Aligned teeth are easier to clean than those that are crooked, with hidden crevices and edges where inaccessible bacteria and plaque hide away.

And Invisalign doesn’t just treat straightforward orthodontic cases. Increasingly, it addresses complicated tooth misalignments with its advanced, custom-made and virtually invisible aligners.

If you are interested in achieving a healthy straight smile with this discreet teeth straightening system, the good news is that we are holding an Invisalign Open Evening.

We welcome you all to our practice on Tuesday 19th February from 6.00pm until 8.00pm, where our helpful team will be available to answer your questions. Refreshments will be available.

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