White Fillings

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Restore the beauty of your smile

At Shine Dental Care we use white fillings to restore the beauty of your smile.

These composite fillings are often favoured for aesthetic reasons and will be carefully colour matched to your surrounding teeth to maintain a natural appearance. White fillings are constantly being improved and enhanced, and are made from materials that are predictable and less prone to shrinkage than other fillings.

Our white fillings are mercury free and can be used to fill dental cavities and safely replace old amalgam (metal) fillings for you. They are also suitable for the restoration of teeth that have been worn or chipped away. In our experience, white fillings are also less likely to cause sensitivity when drinking hot or cold drinks, and the surrounding teeth are less prone to decay than with metal fillings


Another advantage of composite fillings is that the material forms a micro mechanical bond with the tooth surface and requires very little tooth preparation. At Shine Dental Care, Nottinghamshire, we are renowned for the high quality of our white fillings and the special skill with which the composite is integrated with the tooth, making it indistinguishable from its natural surroundings.  If you have metal fillings, these can be easily replaced with our pain free treatments.




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