Nervous Patients


It is quite normal to be a little nervous when visiting a dentist, however for some this nervousness has escalated to almost phobic levels. Some of these fears have been exacerbated by the media in comedy sketches or news feeds, while for others this fear could be the result of a bad experience in childhood or related experiences of friends and families. At Shine Dental Implant Care, it is our mission to ensure the most pleasant dental experience possible for all our patients.

Welcome to the Shine difference.

At Shine Dental Implant Care, we treat the whole patient, not just their teeth and gums. We understand that people may be nervous and will listen to every patient’s concerns. Should you wish to bring a friend or family member with you as moral support during the treatment, they are more than welcome. Added to which you are also welcome to bring in your own music if you wish as well.

David, our dentist who placed and restores your implants will explain every stage of the treatment, so you understand exactly what is happening at all times. Any noises, equipment and materials will be explained in advance, so you know what to expect, when and why. While our wonderful nurses are available to hold a patient’s hand during the treatment, if they wish.

A relaxing environment with caring staff.

In designing our surgery we have gone out of our way to ensure the whole environment is as relaxing as possible.

We have extended opening hours to remove the stresses of finding an appointment to fit in with your lifestyle commitments.

Our goal is to ensure all treatment is as comfortable and pain free as possible and have invested in the latest treatments to ensure a comfortable and relaxing treatment as possible.

The WAND – extremely comfortable and virtually pain free injections

At Shine Dental Implant Care, we are proud of our state-of-the-art facilities. The ‘WAND’ is our computerised anaesthetic delivery system for  extremely comfortable virtually pain-free injections, something which our patients greatly appreciate.

3D Scanning and CAD imaging

Our 3D dental scanning system allows us to provide a much better patient experience.  Rather than using a wide variety of uncomfortable 2D X-ray images, the 3D scanner enables us to view the dental anatomy of your teeth and bones from a variety different angles after one easy comfortable scan.

A 3D scan can help gain a better view of bone structures, such as adjacent root positions, in order to locate the ideal position for dental implants while being able to observe any potential root  fractures or other issues.


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