Multiple Tooth Implant

If you have missing teeth, your existing teeth will move and adjust to compensate, just as they did when you were a child, migrating from milk teeth to adult teeth. This movement can weaken the bone and impact your natural bite; added to which it could make brushing more difficult and therefore increase the risk of oral infections.


A dental implant is a specially designed titanium root which is inserted into the jaw bone just like the root of your tooth. This is a relatively simple and painless process, performed under a local anaesthetic. The prosthetic teeth are designed to give you optimum performance and bite and the colour is matched to your natural teeth so that nobody who sees you smile will have any way of knowing that you have had implants.

Dental implants are an ideal way to replace missing teeth as they:

  • Look and feel like your own teeth

  • They are designed to fuse with the bone so they become integrated – lasting many years

  • Improved speech compared to dentures or bridges, which could slip or impact on the room for tongue movement in the mouth.

  • Eating is easier – some denture wears find their choice of food to be limited by their dentures. As implants are fused with the bone they act like natural teeth.

  • Improved self-esteem – With dental implants there is no visible sign you have ever had a missing tooth or teeth, so you can smile freely, chat and eat without worry.

  • No impact on existing teeth; dental implants do not rely on healthy teeth to keep them in place, so they are not put at risk or have their integrity compromised by implants.

  • They are very convenient and durable. Implants can last for many years and they can only be removed by a dentist so there are no additional solutions, glues or gels needed to keep your prosthetic teeth hygienically clean.

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