Implant Fees


We appreciate all of our patient’s financial circumstances are different. At Shine Dental Implant Care we like to be honest and open about all the options available and provide clear price points.


Dental implants can be life enhancing, so we would never suggest our patients buy the cheapest available. All of our implants are of exceptional quality, both aesthetically and functionally, hand-finished to ensure the perfect colour and bite.

Those who need a little extra support, we are able to offer finance packages too, so please ask for details.

Dr David Heath and his team always ensures every patient receives the highest standards of care, with outstanding clinical skills and technical ability. They ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

We will make sure you have no surprises when it comes to costs because we have 3 price points to suit your pocket. Following your initial assessment, we will gain an insight to your requirements and needs so we can offer the best price point for you.

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Cost Options

At Shine Dental Implant Care, we believe in delivering you the best dental implants, which fit well, look good and will last. We never compromise on quality but have a range of options to match your budget, with clear and honest pricing.

Shine Swiss Premium Implant From £1280

Shine Swiss Premium Implant Crown From £1280

High tensile strength implant, with rapid healing technology, featuring a beautiful high aesthetic finish for the perfect restored smile. This is ideal for patients who are looking for a radiant, camera-ready smile.

Shine Advanced/Complex/Cosmetic Implant From £960

Shine Advanced/Complex/Cosmetic Implant Crown From £960

Excellence uses advanced titanium material, which has a specially treated surface to aid rapid healing. These are ideal for patients who are looking for a high level of aesthetic features with a natural appearance.

Shine Functional Implants  From £760

Shine Functional Implant Crown From £880

Created using advanced clinical testing, this high quality titanium implant provides a rigorous foundation with good aesthetic finish.

If you have any questions about each of the options above, please do contact Shine Dental Implant Care by email using the box below, our quick response “chat” app or simply call us on 01623 629 391 today