Implant Aftercare


During your initial consultation, Dr Heath will assess your requirements and advise you of the best options available. In many cases you will have been referred by your own dentist, however this is not a requirement.


The initial consultation includes a detailed oral examination and x-rays. It may be necessary to use a 3D CT scan, but this is not always required. Shine Dental Implant Care have a 3D Digital Scanner on site so you will not have to wait for days to get an appointment in another building in order for Dr Heath to complete his treatment plan.

After this comprehensive consultation, a full treatment plan is created and all the options are discussed, from price options to teeth style and colour, together with examples and models for the patient to view.

Once a treatment plan has been agreed, we will create a working template which helps us to determine the exact location of the implants. This is a vitally important part of the process because very high standards of accuracy are required.

Dr Heath will explain exactly where and how the implants will be positioned and the length of time required for implant surgery for your individual case.


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