Full Arch Implants

As dentists, we take great pleasure and pride in the positive reaction of our patients to the treatment we have provided. We are never more aware of this impact to change the lives of our patients, than when we give them full arch implants.


Before dental implants came along, there were no fixed solutions available for people who had lost all of their teeth, the only option was dentures, which are a shorter term solution for some. However, over time your gums and jawbone recede due to the lack of the tooth roots, so dentures can become less comfortable in the medium to long term. With dental implants this issue does not occur as the implants themselves replace the root. They have many other advantages too:

  • The prosthetic teeth lock onto the implants and look and feel like your own teeth

  • They are designed to fuse with the bone so they become integrated – lasting many years

  • Improved speech compared to dentures or bridges, which could slip or impact on the room for tongue movement in the mouth.

  • Eating is easier – some denture wears find their choice of food to be limited by their dentures. As implants are fused with the bone they act like natural teeth.

  • Improved self-esteem – With dental implants there is no visible sign that you have ever had a missing tooth or teeth, so you can smile freely, chat and eat without worry.

  • No impact on existing teeth; Dental implants do not rely on healthy teeth to keep them in place, so they are not put at risk or have their integrity compromised by implants.

  • They are very convenient and durable. Implants can last for many years and they can only be removed by a dentist so there are no additional solutions, glues or gels needed to keep your prosthetic teeth hygienically clean.

If you have any questions about dental implants, please do contact Shine Dental Implant Care by email using the box below, our quick response “chat” app or simply call us on 01623 629 391 today.

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