Denture Stabilisation

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Complete freedom dentures

Denture stabilisation is a simple but effective solution that makes the frustrations of loose fitting dentures a thing of the past.

Even the most beautifully crafted dentures can become loose fitting and cause you real frustration, making you  feel self-conscious about talking or smiling and unable to eat 'tricky' foods like apples or steak. At Shine Dental Care we offer dental stabilisation to tackle this problem and which can transform your life.

With denture stabilisation, two or more dental implants are inserted securely, painlessly into your jaw using the very latest techniques. Your dentures are then locked onto these implants, anchoring them securely at all times. With the dentures unable to move you are completely free to live your life to the full with no food off limits and no need to worry about moving dentures when you talk or smile.


Denture stabilisation is a simple, effective and affordable option for many denture wearers. The process is carried out at Shine Dental Care, Mansfield, by our experienced dentists who will be happy to discuss this treatment option with you in more detail and comprehensively assess your teeth, gums and dentures to see whether it is right for you.



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