Dental Implants

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Transform Your Smile

Shine Dental Care is a centre of excellence in Nottinghamshire when it comes to dental implantology.

Our highly skilled team of dentists have been providing outstanding dental care for over 20 years. With a calm and reassuring manner, our patients soon realise they are being cared for by accomplished dental professionals.

The decision to consider dental implants for missing teeth is often associated with fear and anxiety of the unknown combined with hackneyed jokes about the dentist’s chair. Yet every day we see worried, anxious people arrive, who leave calm, confident and relaxed – reassured by our pain free dental techniques.


Experienced Hands

David Heath has earned an outstanding reputation for excellence and an implant success rate of around 98% and has placed and restored implants for many years. Always calm and reassuring, you are certainly in the right hands.

Why chose Shine for Dental Implants

Fair Fees

We believe every patient who needs implants deserves to have them. We provide variable pricing to suit every pocket, with financing options available upon request.  

See our price list.


What to Consider When Looking at the Cost of Implants

A dental implant replaces the root of a tooth, onto which a range of restorations can be placed to replace one or several missing teeth. If you have several missing teeth in a row, it is not always necessary to have a dental implant for each missing tooth. 

Please note that in some cases additional procedures may be required, such as a digital 3D bone scan, bone preservation etc.

A detailed consultation and examination is required to establish your individual treatment needs and cost.


Finance Options

We have a wide range of bespoke finance and payment options available, please ask us for details. We try to be sensitive to your budget, with a choice of treatment options to give you the most ideal outcome.




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