Childrens Care

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Caring for your Children

When it comes to good oral health, the sooner you start the better.  Shine Dental Care are very child friendly and want to encourage your babies and toddlers to sit in on your regular checkup so they can become familiar with coming to the dentist.

Young children can become very orally defensive, especially as their milk teeth are coming through, so our aim is to give them a gentle introduction to visiting the dentist.


With older children, we encourage regular check-ups and hygienist appointments to identify potential problems as soon as they occur, if not before.

We will also listen to any concerns you or your child may have about how their teeth are developing. Shine Dental Care believe in pain free dentistry and we are skilled at high tech aesthetics, using a range of aligners and braces, as well as other appropriate techniques to give your child a smile they can be confident about for the rest of their life.



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